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Course Description

Business Etiquette & Professional Conduct Training

The PD Training Business Etiquette and Professional Conduct Training Course will improve your staff's understanding of exactly what professional etiquette is, and with some customization, introduce them to the expected levels of etiquette in your organization. As participants, your staff will learn how to conduct themselves more professionally, communicate more effectively and acquire the tools to create that all important first impression.

Skills covered in this 3-hour professional development course include making great first impressions, conducting oneself at meetings and work-related functions, learning body language that improves outcomes, and more.

This is a practical class that is suitable for all audiences and provides people with the tools that they can apply on-the-job (and in other contexts) the very next day. This is an instructor-led class that you can attend from home or your office. 

We use secure Video Conferencing with interactive features such as live polling, screen sharing, whiteboards, live chat and breakout sessions.

These courses are facilitated in English, and are open to people from different industries in all countries especially across the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong - this is a short but powerful learning experience that gives you global collaboration opportunities.  Our trainers and processes have been refined to give you a personalized learning experience where it is specifically targeted to your needs, see our outcomes in the reviews.

**Please note, these classes run to a very tight schedule, please follow the invitation and join the class 10-minutes prior to commencement so you are ready to participate and don't miss a minute!

Course Summary

Course Outline (PDF)
  • 3-hour online instructor-led course
  • Live Online interactive session with an internationally experienced Expert Trainer
  • Small classes, average 5 people, max 20
  • Certificate of Completion (always available in the App)
  • Comprehensive courseware available in the App
  • Globally recognized REACH profiling tool

$USD450.00 per person

Your Learning Outcomes

Course Outcomes graphic
In this course participants will: 

  • Understand why business etiquette matters and how to improve business etiquette culture
  • Understand the three components of business etiquette - appearance, communication, and behavior
  • Know how to make a great first impression 
  • Understand how to read body language
  • Understand the intricacies of introducing people in business contexts and how to remember people’s names
  • Understand the art of conversation both in person and on the phone
  • Understand how your personal style influences how you communicate
  • Know the right way to behave online in a business context
  • Explore the do's and don'ts of email etiquette
  • Know how to behave in business social contexts
  • Understand the etiquette of how to deal with ethical dilemmas, personal issues, and difficult people

Course Outline

1. Do Manners Matter?
  • The Case for Business Etiquette
  • The ABC of Business Etiquette
  • Reflection
2. How To Make An Impression
  • First Impressions do Count
  • Body Language
  • Reflection
3. The Personal Touch
  • Introduction Etiquette
  • The Hand Shake
  • Polite Conversation
  • Personal Style
  • Reflection
4. Netiquette – Manners In The Online World
  • Civility on the Internet
  • Email Etiquette
  • Social Media Etiquette
  • Reflection
6. Social Business Etiquette
  • Socializing After Hours
  • Marking Employee Events
  • Reflection
7. Dealing With Challenges Professionally
  • Personal Issues
  • Difficult People
  • Ethical Dilemmas
  • Reflection
8. Reflections
  • Create an Action Plan
  • Accountability = Action


"The trainer was very informative as well as providing a fun environment."

AH Beard

"The trainer was excellent. Staff really enjoyed the training session and said they would be happy to participate again in the future."


"The Business Etiquette course was a great course for employees to participate in. The feedback was very positive from all those who participated, and our trainer was excellent. Thank you."

-Mitsubishi Australia


"The trainer was excellent. Staff really enjoyed the training session and said they would be happy to participate again in the future."

-Mitsubishi Australia


"I found Louise to be very charismatic and hands on in her approach, which was fantastic! The best facet of this course was familiarizing behavioral skills in addition to writing emails professional, which I feel I will gain a lot from."

-GTA Consultants


"Julie was a great trainer, definitely going to recommend her."

-Student Transition And Leadership Team


"James has found his niche in life. An exceptional trainer!"



"I found this course was exceptionally well planned, it was interactive and fun. It would have been better if it went over two days so that we could cover topics in more depth but overall it was great."

-SunWater Limited


"Trainer catered to our needs very well and was very positive to work with."



"Peter was really enthusiastic and friendly!"

"I found the behavioural (body language) tips to be most helpful."

-Australian Prudential Regulation Authority


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